School Sports – The Great Equalizer

runningSome kids excel academically and some kids have a really hard time in the classroom.  Likewise, with sports. But for those who have a hard time learning math and English, if they are active and enjoy it, playing different sports competitively at school can not only be a real equalizer (vis-à-vis their classroom performance) but also a real confidence booster.

Indeed, at the Washington School Districts sports is used “as a bridge to a better life for Washington State youth. Our goal is to ensure that students impacted by financial hardship and life trauma have the chance to participate in after-school activities that will keep them healthy, active and engaged in school.”

Unfortunately when there are budget cuts, sports are often the first to go.  Instead of maybe not giving each kid a computer table and putting that money into sports opportunities for kids, those who want to engage in physical activity are now actually being charged “Pay to Play” fees of anywhere between $50 and $250.  This is taking the equalizer out of the equation and putting those kids who are academically-challenged but thrive on the sports field, out of the loop.

So perhaps instead of schools putting their money into additional computer-based equipment, they should be focusing on the outdoors and giving everyone the same opportunity to thrive in sports.