Finding the Best High School Basketball Coach

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Who's the best HS Basketball Coach in the USA?

Who’s the best HS Basketball Coach in the USA?

Sports, is embarking on a search for the nation’s best high school basketball coaches. Fans of high school basketball all over the country will be able to get out of their school chairs and cast their votes for one of 306 coaches who are actively leading high school teams across the country. Six coaches from each state were selected by the staff at USA Today, plus an additional six from Washington, DC. The group of nominees were chosen after weeks of research and conversations with local high school reporters and officials with expertise in high school basketball from each state.

The winning coach is set to receive $2,000 for his/her school’s athletic department. The second placed coach will get $1,000. The coach who makes it to third place will earn $500 and fourth place $250. All of the ten finalist wil get USA Today High School Sports banners to display in their schools.

Last autumn the best high school football coach competition named Philip Haywood of Belfry, Kentucky as its winner.

Some of the Benefits of School Sports will Surprise You

There are lots of good reason for children to do sports

There are lots of good reason for children to do sports

Everyone knows that school is much more than students sitting behind their school desks. For many children, if it weren’t for the sports program at school, the school day would be almost unbearable. This notion is not just the opinion of restless children, but has been legitimized by research. It is a basic fact of life that physical activity is crucial to the holistic development of the young. Not only is their physical development nurtured but social and emotional health is also enhanced.

When children are engaged in sports they develop a laundry list of good character traits which can be even more important in life than many of the facts the children learn in school. Some of the things children learn are honesty, teamwork, fair play, self-respect and respect for others, and respect for rules.

In addition, school sports help to teach children healthy ways to deal with competition, and how to react properly to either winning or losing. The evidence is in: school sports and physical education benefit children in a myriad of important, socially beneficial ways.