The Importance of Sports in Elementary School


Sports in school are extremely beneficial for many reasons. In elementary school, many children struggle with the long hours, getting cramped and restless while sitting at folding tables or desks. During recess the children get to stretch and refresh outdoors, but once they return to their stacking chairs and tables, they can quickly become lethargic and distracted.

Adding sports to the school curriculum is an excellent solution. The physical activity will help the children burn pent-up energy in an organized manner, and more than they would during free play in the playground. Sports also teach children discipline, confidence and social skills, helping them create teams and establish strong bonds both inside and outside the gym. The change of scenery also helps children re-focus their attention on school work later in the day thanks to a new flow of energy and hormones that boost concentration and confidence.

The scheduled gym classes and sports are not inconvenient for the children or their parents. In fact, parents are able to enjoy the fact that their child is getting sufficient exercise during their daily routine without having to worry about carpools and equipment for physical activities after school hours.  The children are able to store a pair of sneakers and gym pants in their school lockers for easy access, and stay healthy and energized every day.